Our business started in 2014.

TJ CUPS is a popular boba milk tea shop and coffee shop. We are located in 2437 Noriega Street in San Francisco. Our honey boba never stay overnight and freshly made every four hours. We brew our tea with loose tea leaves and real fruits in our slush and smoothies.

We specialize in making bubble milk tea, hot tea with our own unique recipes, premium quality tea leaves and real fruit. Espresso coffee is our another specialty. Our Hong Kong Style milk teas, Espresso Coffee Milk Tea are must try drinks and not available in other places. Smoothies and slush with real fruit are also one of the best you can find in our shop. The avocado smoothies are well liked by our customers and it is one of our signature drinks. Don't forget to check out our Top 10 drinks on the black board menu. You will find seasonal new drinks that they are not on regular menu.

Why choose TJ Cups?

Our goal is to bring the best quality of drinks with the fusion of traditional boba tea and American favorite flavor. We flew to Taiwan and received official training for making boba milk tea and other tea drinks. We learned all the secrets to make good tea.
Our drinks are never water down and over sweet.
Our drinks are all formulated with good balance between tea flavor/fruit flavor and sweetness. We don’t add unnecessary sweetness to the drinks because we take our own drinks daily too and we care how you feel.

Contact us at TJCUPS@gmail.com or simply use the contact form if you are interested to start your own business with TJ Cups brand or Wowwoo Bear brand.